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Google AdSense is one of those online money making opportunities that many people overlook and that can be incredibly profitable when done right. Why do people overlook it though? Mainly, it’s because of how simple it seems to be and how many people don’t see what kind of profits are possible in such a program. But, realistically there are many people who make as much as $500 or even $1000 a month on a single website by leveraging their traffic into clicks on ads placed by Google AdSense.

The first thing that all new publishers should remember about Google AdSense is that you only get out of it what you put into it. If you simply place a bunch of ads on a single page and throw it on the Internet, you won’t make any money. However, if you put a little work into your page and build up the traffic you get, there are plenty of opportunities to start making some real income there.

Placement is very important to start with. Google AdSense can seem obtrusive when you put it all over a page. You need to be sure that the content doesn’t get crowded out by ads. It needs to be well balanced with the content easy to access and pleasing to the eye but the ads still appearing where they need to be so that the readers can see the important messages you want them to click on.

The best way to do this is to place ads to the right and the bottom of the content. This is the natural direction the human eye tends to travel as it reads. It tells the reader that the ads are important, but after the content – if you place the ads before the content, they will only see ads and will assume it is spam and leave the page more often than not.

Another thing to remember is that most Google AdSense ads will appear by contextual placement. This means that Google AdSense will try to match up the content on your page to the ads they think your readers want to see. After all, Google wants clicks too – it makes them money. However, no algorithm is perfect, so if you don’t have a clear theme on your page and you don’t use SEO effectively to integrate keywords into your text, you’re going to find that the ads that appear are almost never the ones your readers would want to click on.

To bypass these kinds of problems and ensure your Google AdSense account makes as much money as possible, always think of what keywords can be integrated into your text. This not only boosts Google AdSense revenue but helps you perform better in search engines – a win twice over for you.
In the end, Google AdSense is a great money making tool and one that too few webmasters use on their websites. Properly implemented, it can be a great boon to an already effective cash flow system and an easy way to augment your traffic increases.

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